This variation of  “The Streets Of Ireland” site  is produced using Sandvox which does impose some limitations so over the next few months I will also begin to employ Rapidweaver mainly for the presentation of photographs. My understanding is that developers at Rapidweaver  are working on a major update.  I also employ  Wordpress and I really like it but it is presenting too many problems mainly related to CPU overload [as defined by various hosting services]. Over the years I have had my accounts with a number of  hosting services suspended because of Wordpress and I now use some expensives services such WPEngine.

MediaTemple is one of the services that I currently use but they impose a limit of 2000 GPUs [sic] per month and recently I discovered that the surcharge for exceeding  this limit is penal. Up until July I was using about 1000 GPUs per month  but suddenly during the first few days in July I was exceeding 200 GPUs per day resulting the possibility of a surcharge of $420 or more for the month which is excessive considering the charge for the service is $20 per month. 

Unfortunately one is not permitted to purchase extra GPUs and as I could not afford to be paying surcharges on this scale I had to suspend my Wordpress sites immediately so if you discover that some of the links here do not work you will know why

GPU usage is not directly related to traffic but to the running of scripts and the latest version of Wordpress calls ‘admin-ajax.php’ which really increases the GPU usage. As a result I had to shut down a number of my Wordpress sites until I could find a solution. 

At this stage [1oth. August  2014] I am working on a number of solutions … I will keep you informed.


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